Model – FJ40 Land Cruiser
Year – 1969
Owner Name – Chris Blowers
IH8MUD UsernameJakes40
Tires & Wheels – 36 x 13.50 x 15 Irocs on steel American racing wheels
Suspension – FJ40 front leaves, FJ55 rear leaves, moved hangers for better shackle angle 4 wheel disc brakes
Performance Mods – 1984 electric dizzy, SM465 trans, dual batteries, 4 wheel disc breaks, front line lock.
Other Mods – Metel Tech roll cage, 12000lb Warn winch, custom bumpers, heated Audi seats
How Did You Find Your Rig – I was given my FJ40 as a Birthday present from my uncle when I was 16. My 40 was rust free from Arizona. But after setting in my parents yard for 11 years I had to rebuild the the middle and rear cross members.
Best Adventure So Far – Every ride is an Adventure.
What’s Your Next Project – Frame replacement, change out the diff’s to 4:88, 2f swap, with 3FE fuel injection.

Model – LX450 factory f+r locked
Year – 1997
Owner Name – Shannon E
IH8MUD Usernamebetteron2wheels
Tires & Wheels – Maxxis Bighorns, 315/75r16, stock wheels
Suspension – OME 2850/2863 coils, Doetsch shocks. Caster adjust bushings
Performance Mods – Mostly stock, Borla catback
Other Mods – LED interior lights, spare tire carrier removed, rear view camera
How Did You Find Your Rig – Buddy bought it 10ya, he finally decided to let it go. Lucky me!
Best Adventure So Far – PMing a 20 year old rig, 1 trip to Rausch Creek. Ready for more
What’s Your Next Project – Birf rebuild, upgraded brake pads. Sliders, bumpers.

Model – FJ40
Year – 1977
Owner Name – Alexy Abdo
IH8MUD Username – 1MOA
Tires & Wheels – a complete mis/mash of 2 stock chrome fj80 rims and 2 chevy truck rims
Suspension – Appears to be bone stock
Performance Mods – has a TRASHED Holley 500cfm 2bbl carb and a set of aftermarket header going to a straight back pipe that exits at the stock location.
How Did You Find Your Rig – Went to a service call and saw it sitting by a barn…. yes it really was sitting by a barn. Woman who owned it said it was her fathers and it had not been moved in 4-7 years. It is complete and almost all stock with the exception of the carb headers and exhaust. It has the usual cancer on the sides but the floors look good as does the frame.
There is rust thru just behind the seats at the corners mid panel and the rear floor at the door area.
Best Adventure So Far – Meeting some people who are interested in the repair and maintenance of Fj40’s
What’s Your Next Project – Just want to get it mechanically sorted out and then focus on the body. To be honest I just want to get it running and enjoy it for a bit.

Model – FJ40
Year – 1965
Owner Name – Jim Harvey
IH8MUD Username – Treeguy
Tires & Wheels – Stock rims w/hubcaps/ BF Goodrich AT KO2 33×10.50/15
Suspension – 4″ lift
Performance Mods – SBC 350 w /4bbl Edelbock/HEI/Stainless Headers
Other Mods – Front disc brakes, Saginaw P/S,
How Did You Find Your Rig – Online
Best Adventure So Far – Blizzard driving with no top, doors or windshield.
What’s Your Next Project – Knuckle rebuild, new calipers and rotors. Transfer case rebuild w/ disc e-brake. Bumper w/spare carrier and jerry can rack